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What the Beirut Explosion Would Have Done to Victoria

By The Capital Staff
August 8, 2020

Virtually the entire historic downtown would have been flattened


Is it Safe to Send Children Back to School?

By Harley Gordon
August 8, 2020

Unlike almost all infectious disease pandemics throughout history, this one leaves children largely unscathed


Inside Victoria's Bike Theft Underground

By Anna J. James
August 4, 2020

One trick involves thieves hacking into condo security systems to gain access to bike storage lockers


The British Columbia That Might Have Been

By Terry Glavin
August 3, 2020

BC began as a model to the world of multi-ethnic settlers living peacefully among self-governing indigenous peoples—and then it all went wrong


How COVID-19 Began

By Harley Gordon
August 2, 2020

We definitely know it comes from a Chinese bat, but that's where it gets murky


Inside the City of Victoria’s Case Against the Beacon Hill Tenters

By Anna J. James
July 30, 2020

It took a city audit, drone surveys and hundreds of pages of legal documents to move 60 campers from one part of Beacon Hill Park to another part


Victoria's Unemployment Isn't As Bad As You Think

By Leo Spalteholz
July 26, 2020

The city lost a lot of jobs to COVID-19, but the rebound has been equally dramatic


Fighting COVID-19 With Tobacco: How Vancouver Island Research Is Taking On The Pandemic

Home coronavirus tests, an antivirus door handle coating and forensic work into when the earliest cases were among us


How Thousands of Canadian Care Home Residents Are Being Sedated With Potentially Deadly Drugs

By Tori Marlan
July 19, 2020

In some senior's homes, up to half of all residents have been prescribed potentially dangerous anti-psychotics not for psychosis, but because it makes them easier to handle