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Victoria City Council's Proposed 55 Per Cent Pay Raise Is Wildly Out of Step with Similar Cities

On almost every metric, it's hard to find any council in Canada proposing to pay itself as much


The Most Surreal Pictures in the Victorian World

By Tristin Hopper
November 15, 2019

Hannah Maynard wasn't just one of the only female photographers in the British Empire. She did things with film that European masters could only dream of.

Climate Change

What Climate Change Is Expected to do to Victoria

By Caitlin Stall-Paquet
November 13, 2019

As Victoria pursues plans to sue for the damage of climate change, we probed what those damages would be

Vancouver Island

What Vancouver Island Would Look Like As An Independent Country

It would have the economy of El Salvador, the population of Bhutan and the physical size of Belgium

The Great War

How an Overweight, Failed Victoria Real Estate Agent Won the Great War

For Remembrance Day, we remember how an unassuming Victorian found himself in command of one of the world’s deadliest armies


Nearly Half of Victoria Seven-Year-Olds Not Up-to-Date on Immunizations

Victoria and Salt Spring Island show rock-bottom rates of childhood vaccination


Why Vancouver Island Gas Prices Are So High

Second only to Vancouver, Islanders are paying the highest gas prices in Canada, and it’s not all because of taxes


Canada’s Jack the Ripper

Victoria in 1899 was no stranger to killing, but this was a new and horrifying kind of murder

Climate Change

Victoria’s Cruise Ship Conundrum

As it positions itself as one of Canada’s greenest cities, Victoria has simultaneously been boosting an industry condemned around the world for its pollution

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