Inside Victoria's Bike Theft Underground

By Anna J. James
Aug 4, 2020

One trick involves thieves hacking into condo security systems to gain access to bike storage lockers


EXCLUSIVE: VicPD Misconduct Unit Investigating Alleged Use of Excessive Force During Pandora Arrest

Sean Craig
Jul 3, 2020

Witnesses said officers dragged a man 50 metres by his arms which were handcuffed around his back


EXCLUSIVE: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of How Ignored Warnings at William Head Allowed A Killer to Escape

By Tori Marlan
Jun 13, 2020

Our months-long investigation into the correctional system failures now alleged to have resulted in a Metchosin man murdered in his home


The Christmas Eve Murder That Shocked 19th Century Victoria

By Tristin Hopper
Dec 24, 2019

A man was gunned down in cold blood outside a Christmas Eve mass, in what police suspected was a botched assassination


Canada’s Jack the Ripper

By Tristin Hopper
Oct 31, 2019

Victoria in 1899 was no stranger to killing, but this was a new and horrifying kind of murder