Climate Change

Climate Change

Victoria Is Already Getting Warmer. Here's the Proof

As recently as 1940, the city was one degree colder than it is now

Climate Change

What Climate Change Is Expected to do to Victoria

As Victoria pursues plans to sue for the damage of climate change, we probed what those damages would be

Climate Change

Victoria’s Cruise Ship Conundrum

As it positions itself as one of Canada’s greenest cities, Victoria has simultaneously been boosting an industry condemned around the world for its pollution

Climate Change

Here’s How Much Victoria’s Cruise Ships Are Polluting

Analysis by The Capital found that 31 ships emitted a cumulative 11,406 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2019

Climate Change

Carbon Dioxide into Stone: UVic’s Revolutionary Plan to Reverse Climate Change

B.C.-led team to pioneer technology to suck greenhouse gases from the air and entomb them deep under the ocean

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