Tristin Hopper


How Many of These Blockades Are Actually Legal?

By Tristin Hopper
Feb 20, 2020

Victoria’s Johnson Street Bridge has been blockaded by protesters three times since October. Strictly speaking, you're not allowed to do that.


How Victoria Is Preparing for Coronavirus

A lot of people are losing sleep to stop novel coronavirus from getting a beachhead in Canada. Here’s what they’re doing.


The Christmas Eve Murder That Shocked 19th Century Victoria

By Tristin Hopper
Dec 24, 2019

A man was gunned down in cold blood outside a Christmas Eve mass, in what police suspected was a botched assassination

Fixed Link

Why Vancouver Island Will Never Get a Bridge to the Mainland

Giving 500,000 people a more convenient ride to Vancouver would be the single most daunting engineering project in Canadian history

The Royal Family

Scandal-Plagued Prince Andrew Still Retains Two Vancouver Island Ceremonial Titles

By Tristin Hopper
Nov 25, 2019

Non-profits around the world are rejecting the Duke of York's patronage amid renewed scrutiny over Andrew's ties to convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein


Why Canada Doesn't Allow Private Healthcare

By Tristin Hopper
Nov 21, 2019

As a B.C. lawsuit to legalize private healthcare wraps up this week, we review how it got this way


The Most Surreal Pictures in the Victorian World

By Tristin Hopper
Nov 15, 2019

Hannah Maynard wasn't just one of the only female photographers in the British Empire. She did things with film that European masters could only dream of.

The Great War

How an Overweight, Failed Victoria Real Estate Agent Won the Great War

For Remembrance Day, we remember how an unassuming Victorian found himself in command of one of the world’s deadliest armies


Canada’s Jack the Ripper

By Tristin Hopper
Oct 31, 2019

Victoria in 1899 was no stranger to killing, but this was a new and horrifying kind of murder

Climate Change

Here’s How Much Victoria’s Cruise Ships Are Polluting

Analysis by The Capital found that 31 ships emitted a cumulative 11,406 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2019


The Plan to Get Greta Thunberg to Victoria without Fossil Fuels

It’s a Jacob’s Ladder of sail, rowboats, bicycles and electric cars, but the offer stands


The Bizarre Tale of How John A. Macdonald Got Elected Victoria MP

As Canada goes to the polls today, The Capital revisits what still stands as the weirdest federal election result Victoria has ever delivered

Cowichan Nation Alliance

The Cowichan Nation’s Lost Salish Sea Empire

A coalition of Vancouver Island First Nations are in court to prove that they were once the undisputed rulers of much more than the Cowichan Valley

Indian Residential Schools

The Names of All 202 Children Known to Have Died in Vancouver Island Residential Schools

Right up to the 1980s, Islanders lived alongside institutions that subjected Indigenous children to beatings, starvation, sexual abuse and even human experimentation

Climate Change

Carbon Dioxide into Stone: UVic’s Revolutionary Plan to Reverse Climate Change

B.C.-led team to pioneer technology to suck greenhouse gases from the air and entomb them deep under the ocean


Why don’t Canadians care when their politicians sleep around?

New research out of UVic finds that as long as politicians aren’t misspending their money, voters don’t seem to mind


The Most Doomed City in Canada

By Tristin Hopper
Sep 15, 2019

What the Big One will do to Victoria

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