Tori Marlan

Tori's in-depth reporting has been widely published in media outlets in the U.S. and Canada, including The Walrus Magazine and CBC’s The Doc Project. Previously, she was a staff writer for the Chicago Reader, where her stories on the criminal justice system exposed police misconduct, illegal strip searches, and systemic problems with the Chicago Police Department’s staffing practices. After she wrote about the state of Illinois’ refusal to treat a prisoner for Hepatitis C, the Department of Corrections reversed course and began giving him and other prisoners the medical attention they needed. In 2006, she received an Alicia Patterson Foundation fellowship to write about children in U.S. immigration detention centers.


“It Was A Very Difficult Decision”: The Clipper On Why It Sealed Off Victoria’s Link to Seattle

By Tori Marlan
Mar 18, 2020

Denied a federal closure of the border, BC officials have instead pushed to unilaterally sever Vancouver Island’s transportation links with Washington