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Victoria Snowbound: Here's Everything You Need to Know

In a few hours, Victoria got more snow than it's seen in five of the last 10 years

Climate Change

Victoria Is Already Getting Warmer. Here's the Proof

As recently as 1940, the city was one degree colder than it is now


The Rejected Plan to Build a Bypass Around the Malahat

New report, swiftly rejected by province, lays out how drivers would be able to avoid the treacherous mountain highway


How Harbour Air Beat Everyone Else to the Electric Aviation Revolution

Electric planes work for Victoria and Vancouver in a way that they just don't anywhere else

B.C. Ferries

B.C. Ferries Aren't As Expensive As You Think

We compared them to car ferries around the world, and everyone from Brits to Italians are paying more


What Victoria’s Megaprojects Will Cost in Interest

Servicing the debt for the Johnson Street Bridge and the Wastewater Treatment Plant will ultimately cost more than $50 million

Victoria City Council

Victoria City Council's Proposed 55 Per Cent Pay Raise Is Wildly Out of Step with Similar Cities

On almost every metric, it's hard to find any council in Canada proposing to pay itself as much


Nearly Half of Victoria Seven-Year-Olds Not Up-to-Date on Immunizations

Victoria and Salt Spring Island show rock-bottom rates of childhood vaccination

Climate Change

Victoria’s Cruise Ship Conundrum

As it positions itself as one of Canada’s greenest cities, Victoria has simultaneously been boosting an industry condemned around the world for its pollution


How Victoria’s Political Allegiances Have Changed Over 70 Years

Now strictly a battleground between Greens and NDP, it wasn’t too long ago that Victoria was a safe place for Liberals and even the Reform Party

B.C. Ferries

Here’s How Much B.C. Ferries Fares Have Risen Since 1960

B.C. Ferries’ already historically high fares were just approved for another increase

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