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Victoria Rushes to Close Government Street to Car Traffic

By Sean Craig
June 4, 2020

Shutdown, which will divert 2,500 vehicles daily, intended to help downtown recovery


Despite COVID-19, BC and Canada’s Overall Death Rate Virtually Unchanged

The pandemic represented only 1.6% of BC deaths in March and April


Low Domestic Assault Numbers Not Reflective of Reality: Former VicPD Chief

By Natasha Simpson
May 15, 2020

Almost all of the usual drivers of domestic assault have gone up during the pandemic


Limit Cars in Beacon Hill, More Free Transit, More Gardens: Victoria Sets Out Plans For Life After Reopening

In marathon session, city council endorses everything from cheaper parking to extended free transit to a federal wealth tax

Climate Change

EXCLUSIVE: BC Firm Lobbying Washington On Proposed Efforts to Suck Carbon Directly From The Atmosphere

By Sean Craig
May 13, 2020

Squamish-based Carbon Engineering one of only three companies around the world with the technology to directly extract carbon dioxide from the air


What We Now Know About How COVID-19 Spreads

By Tristin Hopper
May 12, 2020

Cases are almost guaranteed to rise under reopening; here's how you limit the damage


What COVID-19 Has Done to the Job Market

Victoria has seen unemployment rise to Great Depression levels, and it's done so at a faster rate than Calgary and Edmonton


Homeless Relocation Pushed Back

By Sean Craig
May 8, 2020

Even with hotel rooms and temporary arena accommodation, province struggling to find enough space

Second World War

Blackouts and Gas Attack Scares: Victoria During the Second World War

By Ann Edelstein
May 8, 2020

The war, which transformed the BC capital far more than most know, ended 75 years ago this week