Top Story

Rail Blockades Have Brought A Near-Unprecedented Traffic Jam of Freighters to Vancouver Island Waters

By Tristin Hopper
February 28, 2020

Port of Vancouver slowdowns have packed the Salish Sea so full that vessels are being turned away

B.C. Ferries

B.C. Ferries Aren't As Expensive As You Think

By The Capital Staff
December 3, 2019

We compared them to car ferries around the world, and everyone from Brits to Italians are paying more

Real Estate

Here's How Unaffordable Victoria Really Is

By Leo Spalteholz
November 29, 2019

There are fewer Millennials owning homes in Victoria than even Toronto or Vancouver


What Victoria’s Megaprojects Will Cost in Interest

By The Capital Staff
November 27, 2019

Servicing the debt for the Johnson Street Bridge and the Wastewater Treatment Plant will ultimately cost more than $50 million

The Royal Family

Scandal-Plagued Prince Andrew Still Retains Two Vancouver Island Ceremonial Titles

By Tristin Hopper
November 25, 2019

Non-profits around the world are rejecting the Duke of York's patronage amid renewed scrutiny over Andrew's ties to convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein

Queen Elizabeth II

Had the Nazis Won, This Was the Canadian Childhood Planned for Queen Elizabeth II

By Cosmin Dzsurdzsa
November 22, 2019

There is good reason to believe that the current site of Royal Roads University once stood ready to accept a refugee King George VI and his family


Why Canada Doesn't Allow Private Healthcare

By Tristin Hopper
November 21, 2019

As a B.C. lawsuit to legalize private healthcare wraps up this week, we review how it got this way

Victoria City Council

Victoria City Council's Proposed 55 Per Cent Pay Raise Is Wildly Out of Step with Similar Cities

By The Capital Staff
November 18, 2019

On almost every metric, it's hard to find any council in Canada proposing to pay itself as much


The Most Surreal Pictures in the Victorian World

By Tristin Hopper
November 15, 2019

Hannah Maynard wasn't just one of the only female photographers in the British Empire. She did things with film that European masters could only dream of.

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