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BC's Worsening Overdose Crisis, Graphed

By Snejana Vorona
August 12, 2020

The peripheral effects of COVID-19 have exacerbated an opioid crisis that, until recently, was trending downwards


Fighting COVID-19 With Tobacco: How Vancouver Island Research Is Taking On The Pandemic

Home coronavirus tests, an antivirus door handle coating and forensic work into when the earliest cases were among us


How Thousands of Canadian Care Home Residents Are Being Sedated With Potentially Deadly Drugs

By Tori Marlan
July 19, 2020

In some senior's homes, up to half of all residents have been prescribed potentially dangerous anti-psychotics not for psychosis, but because it makes them easier to handle

Overdose Crisis

BC Sets New Record for Overdose Deaths

By Cameron Welch
July 17, 2020

Only halfway through 2020, and overdose deaths have already dwarfed the total for all of 2019


Where Are All the US License Plates Coming From?

By Tristin Hopper
July 14, 2020

They’re not all disease-carrying interlopers

War and Peace

That Time We Went to War With The Americans Over a Pig

By Tristin Hopper
July 18, 2020

Within sight of the Saanich Peninsula, a seemingly laughable dispute over a pig risked exploding into world war


How COVID-19 Ends

By Harley Gordon
July 11, 2020

From finding a vaccine to reaching herd immunity naturally, this is what the science says about how we return to normal


Are Victoria Police Chasing A Sex Trafficking Ring That Doesn’t Exist?

By Anna J. James
July 10, 2020

An operation seemingly built on a hunch, VicPD’s Project No More did not find any evidence of sex trafficking but did incense many of the city's sex workers, who insist they are working by choice


Even After Dying Loved Ones Become Unresponsive, They Can Still Hear You: UBC Study

By Tristin Hopper
July 7, 2020

New study by Victoria-raised scientist monitored the brain activity of dying patients in their final moments