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Rail Blockades Have Brought A Near-Unprecedented Traffic Jam of Freighters to Vancouver Island Waters

By Tristin Hopper
February 28, 2020

Port of Vancouver slowdowns have packed the Salish Sea so full that vessels are being turned away


Victoria Snowbound: Here's Everything You Need to Know

By The Capital Staff
January 15, 2020

In a few hours, Victoria got more snow than it's seen in five of the last 10 years

Climate Change

Victoria Is Already Getting Warmer. Here's the Proof

By The Capital Staff
January 9, 2020

As recently as 1940, the city was one degree colder than it is now


Victoria's Birds Are Disappearing. Here's Why.

By Jamie Sarkonak
December 31, 2019

The barn owl and the skylark were among the bird species notably missing from this year's Christmas bird count


The Christmas Eve Murder That Shocked 19th Century Victoria

By Tristin Hopper
December 24, 2019

A man was gunned down in cold blood outside a Christmas Eve mass, in what police suspected was a botched assassination


How to Bring Down Vancouver Island Gas Prices

By Ian King
December 19, 2019

Right now, a litre of Victoria gas is $1.32 to Edmonton’s $0.82


The Rejected Plan to Build a Bypass Around the Malahat

By The Capital Staff
December 17, 2019

New report, swiftly rejected by province, lays out how drivers would be able to avoid the treacherous mountain highway


How Harbour Air Beat Everyone Else to the Electric Aviation Revolution

By The Capital Staff
December 11, 2019

Electric planes work for Victoria and Vancouver in a way that they just don't anywhere else

Fixed Link

Why Vancouver Island Will Never Get a Bridge to the Mainland

By Tristin Hopper
December 6, 2019

Giving 500,000 people a more convenient ride to Vancouver would be the single most daunting engineering project in Canadian history

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